An Indian Breakfast Treat, Cilantro Chutney with Riaz Surti from Crave Foods


Crave Foods is a manufacturer and distributor of gluten free and halal products. This is a first in the food industry. Riaz Surti shares his company's message of "Eat what you Crave," with this great recipe for chutney. Click below to hear more...

(Interview) Cilantro Chutney
From Chef Riaz Surti - Crave Foods

8 oz plain yogurt
Bushel of cilantro 10 oz
1-2 oz almonds
3-4 oz sweeten shredded coconut
1 medium green chili
1 oz salt

Put in a blender in that order. But I don't remember the exact ratio/ounces. So if you make it at home try to figure it out. I just eyeball it and taste it as I go along.

The color should look like guacamole. I promise you this is best chutney you will ever have. It has every element sweet, spicy, creamy, nutty, and flavor. For a sauce to be perfect you need to have viscosity,
flavor, and color. This sauce delivers in all of these categories.

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