Quechee Shrimp

While at the picturesque Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm in Quechee, Vermont, Tonia had the chance to sample the Quechee Roasted Garlic Shrimp. Hear Chef Ed Kroes explain how he prepares this dish by clicking below...

Quechee Shrimp
Chef Ed Kroes Recipe for Garlic Shrimp

8 Jumbo Shrimp
Chef Paul’s Cajun spice mix (or similar)
Chopped green onion
2 Lemon wedges
2 Oz olive oil
Parsley for garnish
2 oz White Wine
Pat of butter
Roasted Chopped Garlic

Mix flour, salt & pepper and Cajun spices together.Lightly dust shrimp in the mixture.
Heat olive oil in non-stick sauté pan over medium high heat;add shrimp, sauté until they have a hard sear on one side, then turn shrimpover. Add roasted garlic, a splash white wine and sauté, squeeze lemon overshrimp, sprinkle with parsley, let cook down a bit, add pat of butter tofinish, serve over toasted baguette slices.

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