Big FAT Cookies


Elinor Klivans is a cookbook author and food writer, who specializes in desserts and home baking. Tonia caught up with this "sweet" cook who shared the story behind her book Big Fat Cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I started with Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cookie. This recipe begins with a fairly standard chocolate chip cookie dough. You then scoop out ten cookies and place them on a cookie sheet. Those cookies are baked and left to cool. Mine baked into each other because I put them too close together. But it didn’t matter, because once the cookies cooled, I broke them into little pieces and mixed them back into the cookie dough. I didn’t let my cookies cool quite enough, and I ended up mixing melted chocolate into my cookie dough, rather than chips that had re-solidified. I don’t think it mattered too much though. Once the cookie bits were stirred back in, the cookies were scooped out and baked. You can read more of Elinor's ideas by clicking here...

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