Frozen Watermelon Dessert

Courtesy of Lauren Chattman from her cookbook "Icebox Desserts"

You start with a glass or metal bowl, and put a layer of green sherbet on the outside. That is what is going to be your watermelon rind. You let that setup in the freezer for awhile, take it out, and put a very thin layer of vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream is going to be [represent] that white part of the watermelon that is close to the rind. Then you take some raspberry and strawberry sherbet and mix them with mini chocolate chips. The chocolate chips are going to represent your seeds. Fill up the rest of the bowl with the raspberry/strawberry sherbet dotted with mini chocolate chips, freeze the whole thing for up to 5-6 hours. When it's time to turn it out of the bowl, you slice into it and get little watermelon wedges.

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